Friday, April 29, 2005

Some handy links

While I'm busy writing, have a look at the following enthusiast websites, which cover very specific aspects of public transport.

1. The first is Rob O'Regan's Unofficial Metcard site. It is an outstanding piece of research and documentation of a specialised area.

2. Almost every public transport system in the world contains its own idiosyncracies known to few of the travelling public. Here in Melbourne a major contender is undoubtedly the city rail loop with its various running and stopping patterns throughout the day and week. Cracking the code requires reference to timetables and not a little personal observation. The long-running Zen and the City Loop is indispensible for those who really must know. Others can use the slower but more fathomable free City Circle Tram for all stations except Spencer Street (acess to which is a story in itself!).

3. Did you know that some people collect timetables for a hobby? All I have is an unsorted drawer full, but some people take it heaps more seriously. May I recommend the Australian Association of Timetable Collectors site? There's a useful aspect as well; the listings of current timetables lets you check that your copy is the most up to date there is.