Sunday, January 21, 2007

Self-indulgent site plug

Though Meltrip has never disseminated news of service changes (why re-invent the wheel when other sites do it better), its content is still shaped by recent events. For instance service disruptions.

During such events, official sites get over-burdened and may be unavailable at times. As spikes in visitor numbers show, people get searching and turn to Meltrip.

To cater for this traffic, I've included information on service disruptions. The first step was done a few months ago when it was realised that media outlets often reported problems before some transport sites. Hence they were well worth linking to. Ditto for the Bureau of Meteorology given the bearing extreme weather has on services.

In the last few days a new service disruption section has been added. This gives a few hints on managing around them and explains why they occur. It is a living document so will be expanded when the need arises. The new page can be read here.