Friday, November 02, 2007

Historical remnants or confusing clutter?

Looking up old articles in the State Library isn't the only way to find transport history in our fair city. If you're in the CBD, at least, it may be at a station or street corner near you. Old signs and maps can contain a wealth of information that enchant enthusiasts and bamboozle tourists.

Flinders Street Station, Degraves Street subway.

Flinders Street Station, Degraves Street Subway. The metropolitan transport map dates from the early 1990s and reveals a period in The Met's last few years when comprehensive passenger information was more commonly provided on the network.

For most of the last 15 years the maps have been in full view and only recently have posters been placed over them.

Elizabeth Street near Flinders Street. Though hard to read in the photo the signs provide information on routine tram services (some numbers have now changed) and show services.

Spencer Street Station subway entrance. This lonely sign to a disused subway entrance indicate two of the many brandnames used by Melbourne trains in the early 2000s. Today's rush hour passengers queueing up to cross Spencer Street must lament the loss of this useful albeit dingy way out.

Melbourne CBD station network map. Three right out of five ain't bad!

Bus stop near Arawatta St, Carnegie. Possibly the only trace of a route that ended 24 years ago.

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