Monday, May 09, 2005

Transport magazines and where to find them

Transit Australia Published monthly by the Australian Electric Transit Association. I've seen it at some newsagents, though none recently. Can be purchased at the Railfan Shop in Market St. Or just to read, visit the excellent DOI Library (Level 18, Nauru House, 80 Collins St - near Parliament Station open M-F 9-5).

TransScan Free online mag published quarterly by WA Dept of Planning & Infrastructure with Main Roads WA. Approx 1MB each to download, but worth it.

The Bus Association Victoria Bulletin carries some local transport news. Bulletins come out monthly and are dowloadable from the website.

Major university libraries have departmental annual reports and planning documents. Probably the best collection of these is at the DOI Library. If you're going past the State Library, look for the massive Jane's Transport Guide, which provides information on almost every major public transport system in the world.

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