Friday, June 10, 2005

How to transfer to a SmartBus

Arrive at Chelsea Railway Station, Platform 2.

1. See direction sign for buses.

Note that Route 706 hasn't existed for at least seven years, and that directions to Route 857 (which also serves Chelsea) are missing!

2. View bus timetable at station.

Having timetables at stations is commendable, but unfortunately this one is very dated.

3. Note the Rail Substitute Bus stop, conveniently outside the station.

Our bus stop is now visible on the other side of Chelsea Rd. We'll walk to it in the 'approved' fashion, using the pedestrian lights provided.

4. Cross Station Street (a - b on map below).

5. Cross Chelsea Road (b - c on map below).

6. Cross Station Street again (c - d on map below).

Our bus stop, with a nice new-looking shelter is visible on the right.

7. Arrive at our bus stop.

8. View timetable to look up bus.

Again an old timetable, but a bit newer than the one at the station as it shows Sunday services!

9. Wait (for an unknown time due to the old timetable) and board bus.

Other points:

a. Instead of waiting for three sets of pedestrian crossing lights, here is the unofficial, unsignalised direct path that most transfering passengers take (a - d on map below).

Note that the concrete strips in the road are for signs and are not pedestrian refuges. Although the width may look daunting for some, and could be unsuitable for people in wheelchairs, this crossing point is safer than it looks as car traffic is not high.

b. The community information guide is provided outside the council building midway between two pedestrian lights on Station Street.

A location nearer the railway station and pedestrian signals may have been handier for alighting passengers and pedestrians.

Map of area


Smartbus aims include better passenger information, better connections and greater ease of transfer between services. Though Chelsea is a major point on the 888/889 Smartbus route, it does not appear that Smartbus principles have yet been extended to this end of the route.

It would seem that the Rail Substitute Stop is ideally located relative to both the railway station and the Chelsea shopping strip, and that this location should become the main stopping point for all northbound bus services.

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