Saturday, November 26, 2005

Games on public transport

A grown-up version of tag has 'detectives' chasing the 'suspect' around the city on public transport and using mobile phones to give clues. Developed by Toronto graphic designer Joel Friesen, it's called Live Action Scotland Yard (L.A.S.Y.).

L.A.S.Y. has reached high geek status, as testified by mention in Slashdot. Participants have also been warned to prepare for a season of Live Action Super Scotland Yard in 2006.

Closer to home, finding places rather than people is the object of the Metlink Challenge. Sponsored by Environment Victoria and Metlink, it teaches secondary students how to reach places by public transport.

Then there's those who aren't interested in chasing anyone or going anywhere in particular. I'm referring to transport enthusiasts, sometimes known as 'gunzels'. A favourite sport has been to travel a city's entire suburban rail network in a day. In Perth or Adelaide this is simple but it's harder on the larger systems of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Detailed timetable planning, knowledge of buses, on-time running and some lucky connections are all required. Melbourne Scribe did it several months back and an account may still be on his blog.

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