Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Better bus stops

Your typical outer suburban bus stop, located in Heaths Road, Werribee.

What are five things that could be done to improve it? Thinking about the general environment a little beyond the stop is allowed.

Bus stop in Werribee

Bus stop in Werribee - closer shot


Daniel said...

Hmm, let's see.

Move the stop to the crossing, or the crossing to the stop.

Or move it somewhere else. Looks like there's absolutely nothing on the side of the street with the stop, and you'd have to jump the chain fence to get to the other side of the street, so it may very well be in the worst possible position.

Pave a path from the bus stop to the footpath.

Timetable display case, of course.

Seat or a shelter?

I bet the buses are few and far between, too...

Anonymous said...


* A timetable. The bus stop is absolutely useless to random travellers if they don't know when the next bus is.
* A shelter.
* A large map of the surrounding area, including the bus route and other bus routes, on the back shelter wall.
* Seats
* Signs pointing to other public transport in the area, and the distances to them.

Andrew said...

No seat for a start. No shelter, no timetable, no pull off area for the bus. I saw one today in Wellington Road maybe Rowville that had a proper shelter and some digital time display device.

Jarf said...

1. At the very least, provide a timetable. Melbourne is generally useless when it comes to this.

2. Give it more buses. It only gets a bus every 40 minutes. However, if it's on route 440 it also gets a bus every hour on Sunday.

That'll do, I'll stop before I start ranting. ;)

Ben said...

Things that come to mind are:

-Seating and shelter
- A path connecting the concrete area to the main footpath

It's interesting to see this as my local council (Banyule) has been doing a lot of work upgrading bus stops lately. Last year they installed many new shelters (leaving some older ones and just painting them to match the new ones), and more recently paving every stop and installing tactile paths. In the process they have also relocated some stops to better locations.