Sunday, November 30, 2008

Buses replacing trains

Due to level crossing maintenance at Aspendale and Chelsea, buses replaced trains between Mordialloc and Frankston yesterday and today.

Here are some pictures of aspects of the occupation around Chelsea Station, showing the work done, substitute services and passenger information.

Information for motorists and passengers

Work on the level crossing

Substitute services

Other work at the station


Daniel said...

Unfortunately at other stations things weren't quite up to scratch. The Bentleigh Smartbus signage looked like it should have shown a scrolling message about the disruption on the line normally reserved for showing Frankston-bound train times, but instead just said "Due to a disruption, there wi" for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

While it was good for bus enthuastists, one thing that was a real let down was the lack of low floor buses, with only one or two on standby duty.

Seems Peninsula doesn't have any low floor buses to spare now that minimum standards has been implemented on many of their routes (Karingal & Frankston South still wating)

Not good when the usual train service is fully accessible!