Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New ticketing equipment delivered

First Geelong, now Melbourne: The new ticketing solution is spreading, with news that high-tech fare payment, validation and passenger counting equipment has been seen on a trial Melbourne tram.

The friendly driver of the test vehicle permitted the following sneak preview shots to be taken.

Ticket stock. On biodegradeable stock harvested from the windfall branches of sustainably managed plantations. Different colours and designs will apply for fare zones and full and concession tickets.

Ticket Validator. This is a handheld punching device used to stamp tickets. A ticket with a hole in it means it has been validated, a ticket without a hole means it hasn't been validated. Electrically powered self-punching versions are currently being developed for prepaid bus stops such as Doncaster Park & Ride and along Route 401.

Counting device. Used for passenger loading surveys, this hand-held self-powered device features a lifetime count memory function.

Ticket Sales Device and Validator Enabler. A self-powered speech recognition and response device that sells tickets and ensures they are correctly validated. There'll be one on every tram. They are hard to find, but there's one pictured here. The bad news is that all his tickets expire noon today, so passengers will need to resort to other means of purchase and validation after then.

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Unknown said...

I know it was an april fools joke, but all driver bus lines buses have (or had until recently) a manual counter like that you have pictured.