Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Timetable Tuesday #1 - Bus route 609

The most important factor that determines the usefulness of a public transport service is not whether it's a train, tram or bus but its timetable, route and stops.
In the first of what could be a regular, we examine the occasional Route 609 bus that runs from Hawthorn to Fairfield via Kew. It's the only north-south cross-river route in the inner east.


There are only a few trips. Even fewer run the full route. 

There is just one question. If you were in charge, what (if anything) would you do with the 609, considering land use and density? Extra points if you consider its relationship with surrounding routes.

Timetable Tuesday originally appeared as an article on the Urban Happiness Facebook group. Maps and timetables are from the old PTV website . 


Tom said...

Choose a single route, probably the most direct, and leave the other bit to the relevant tram and bus routes. That would mean all services Hawthorn-Fairfield. Possibly an extension from Hawthorn to Swinburne, for the Uni traffic.

Also it should be upgraded to a normal route. The density along that line is increasing (particularly, but not exclusively, around at the former paper mill site in Alphington).

Peter Parker said...

The La Trobe Uni network at https://melbourneontransit.blogspot.com/2019/08/building-melbournes-useful-network-part_9.html?m=1 suggests a large upgrade. Basically a southern extension of the 567.