Thursday, February 14, 2019

Some housekeeping

Some improvements and additions to Melbourne on Transit seem worth mentioning:

* Never miss a post. You can now follow by email. See right.

* Incorporation of Melbourne in Transit posts. For its first six months this blog was known by a slightly different name. However in 2005 I lost control of the old page (password issues, I think) and had to start afresh. Anyway I've got it back and transferred the posts here. So if you have an urge to see posts between April and October 2005, they're available here. Sorry to those who commented then as comments couldn't be transferred over.

* Hiatus period posts. While this blog was dormant between 2012 and 2018, I was still making (mostly railway) videos. These have been added as blog posts, backdated to the time the video was made. Look in the archive to the right.

Finally, my thanks to the readers and commenters, both here and on the Urban Happiness group. Without you Melbourne on Transit wouldn't be worth reviving.  

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