Sunday, August 25, 2019

Wynbus first day tomorrow

This is a quick post. I won't discuss the ins and outs of minibuses, non-integrated fares, location of the last stop, overlap with PTV routes, infrequent service or long-term sustainability.

But I still thought it was worth at least mentioning this transport initiative which sprung out of last year's pre-election 'Pick My Project' thing. Basically people could suggest things that if they got enough support could get a bit of government funding. 

One of the successful projects was Wynbus, a demand responsive bus service for Point Cook; a  fast-growing suburb the size of a rural city with just a handful of congested roads connecting to the outside world. 

Anyway it starts tomorrow. Some information was contained in a report on tonight's Ch 9 news. 

For those of us used to route maps and timetables, information on the new service is sketchy. But eventually I found some times and stopping locations on their Facebook page. This is below. 

This indicated three routes terminating in Hoppers Lane five or ten minutes walk south of Hoppers Crossing Station via a busy, pedestrian-hostile intersection. The travel times seemed very short compared to PTV's recently upgraded Route 498 (although that does go further - to the station proper). 

However my appetite was not satisfied until I saw a map. I created my own from the stop addresses above. It is below. 

Each route has 6 pick-up stops. Routes A and B are south of Sneydes Rd while Route C runs nearer the freeway. Some stops will be closer peoples homes than the regular PTV network (map here). But it does serve some gaps that PTV routes don't quite (though there are typically some within 800m). 

Note that the above is for am peak only. There is an interpeak service and pm peak services also.

Later on, browsing their Facebook page and scrolling down I did find some route maps. This is what they look like.

The Channel 9 report mentioned that Wynbus will run for a 6 week trial, with the cost favourably compared to how much a parking space at a station costs. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

UPDATE 26/8/2019: Wynbus have published their afternoon timetable. Free travel without a need for booking is being offered. There are also much longer run times (the mornings appeared short). They make the northernmost stops on Route C (in particular) less time competitive than alighting at Williams Landing and simply walking.

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Marcus W said...

Travelling via Sneydes Road might mean less traffic jams. But as you say - what use is a bus that stops short of the station? Victoria University, the Werribee Hospital and Suzanne Cory High School are the only destinations of note.