Monday, April 10, 2006

V/Line site improvements

Since the V/Line website was reorganised last December some users said they had difficulty using it and preferred the previous format. At the time I agreed and replaced some of my site's V/Line links with links to the more usable Viclink site.

However all this may change with the appointment of Garry McGhie as V/Line's new webmaster. He's encouraged users to make suggestions and has set up a blog to discuss improvements.

The establishment of a blog to engage with the public may be somewhat of a first for this field in Victoria. However it follows a trend where people in responsible positions (most notably Jim Betts) are becoming more active on enthusiast web forums such as Railpage. Though the quality of such discussion varies greatly, it can take up much time and those professionally employed have to be careful about what they say, expert participation can only be to the good for all concerned.

(Thanks to Craig for putting me onto this)

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