Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Right Place Right Time (again)

(Daniel probably didn't think he was starting a meme when he wrote this, but this is too good to let go)

1. Board 6:23pm train to Flinders St at Werribee

2. Shortly afterwards AOs (aka ticket inspectors) walk through, checking tickets

3. Two graffiti dudes board at Aircraft or Laverton, lying on the bench seats at the rear of the carriage (Comeng train)

4. They got out felt pens and started tagging (and were dumb enough to date it!)

5. Emergency button pressed and the driver asked to call AOs

6. Driver does so over the PA so all the passengers knew what was happening

7. The whole carriage looks at them 8. At Newport AOs quietly bundle said yoof out of carriage for questioning

9. The train so relieved, continues towards Flinders Street

Yes, sometimes the system works, and occasionally the baddies even get caught!

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