Sunday, October 29, 2006

Beauty in timetables

5:05pm: Werribee train departs departs Flinders St stopping all stations between Newport and Werribee
5:11pm: Werribee train departs Flinders St Station express between Newport and Laverton, then express to Hoppers Crossing. I board this train.
5:37pm: Look south from the express and see 5:05pm stopper just leave Westona.
5:38pm: Pull in to Laverton. Passengers for Aircraft Station alight.
5:39pm: Express through Aircraft to Hoppers Crossing.
5:41pm: 5:05pm stopper arrives at Laverton, picking up passengers for Aircraft.
5:42pm: Arrive and alight at Hoppers Crossing.
5:43pm: Walk to bus interchange. No buses to be seen.
5:48pm: 5:11pm stopper train arrives at Hoppers Crossing.
5:50pm: Buses start pulling into interchange.
5:54pm: Bus route 440 leaves.
5:55pm: Bus route 436 leaves, then route 442.
5:56pm: Bus route 437 leaves. About 20-25 on board.
5:57pm: All quiet at Hoppers Station interchange until the next train.

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