Sunday, September 30, 2007

Electrification to Craigieburn

Some pictures from this morning's start of electrified rail service on the Craigieburn line. A mixture of locals, enthusiasts, activists and media were present to see the Premier officially open the service.

Today's opening was the second extension of electrified rail service this decade and follows the Sydenham electrification on 27 January 2002. This compares to one electrification in the 1990s, when sparks were extended to Cranbourne (but removed from Warragul).

1. First passenger train from Melbourne at Craigieburn.

2. Front of Craigieburn Station. Crowds are gathering for a sausage sizzle and band.

Bus interchange at Craigieburn. Four bays are provided. The interchange is seperated from the plaform by two fences and transferring passengers enter via the main entrance near the car park.

4. The Minister's entourage alights from the train - cameramen first!

5. An overflowing crowd listens to hear speeches from Premier John Brumby and Transport Minister Lynne Kosky.

6. Entry to Roxburgh Park Station.

7. Walkway of Roxburgh Park Station.

8. Station sign.

9. View from the platform.

10. A view of the island platform.

11. Bus arrangements. Rather than having allocated bays (such as at Craigieburn), passengers board buses at a single location.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who the misguided architect was who designed Roxburgh Park Station?

The thing looks like a tribute to a Supermax prison...!

Peter Parker said...

It reminds me of the Belconnen bus interchange in Canberra.

Wikipedia states that brutalism is making somewhat of a comeback