Sunday, September 23, 2007

Transperth Passenger Information: suburban areas

More pictures, this time around suburban stations and bus stops.

1. Bus stop on Safety Bay Road. Stops are now uniquely numbered.

2. Bus stop in Albany Highway, Victoria Park. The front shows routes and a schematic diagram of routes. A multi-route composite timetable is provided on the rear.

3. Map of bus routes at Cannington Station. These maps are provided at all major suburban stations and bus interchanges.

Train times are shown on a similar board nearby, aligned to face passengers walking up to the station. Bus times are listed on the rear, intended to be visible to alighting train passengers.

4. Passenger information at Thornlie. Comprises area transport map plus a self-serve rack with local train and bus timetables. Larger racks, stocked with all metropolitan timetables, are provided at major CBD stations and interchanges such as East Perth.

5. Platform communications system at Joondalup. The four buttons are as follows L-R: (i) Talk to Transperth for travel assistance, (ii) time of next train from Perth, (iii) time of next train to Perth, (iv) Report emergency.

6. Next train display at Cannington. Stopping patterns are given a lettered code shown on these displays and paper timetables.

7. Train arrival information provided at the new Clarkson Station. These displays are installed at each bus bay.

8. Clarkson Station. The surrounding area is currently being developed for housing as part of a transit oriented development. The visibility of the station is enhanced by its street-end location and the prominent sign in front.

9. Taxi shelter at Armadale Station. This is located outside the station near the bus interchange. Contact numbers are prominently displayed.

10. The spotless pit at Cannington Station. Visible graffiti is rare and vandalism is generally in the form of window scratching (which is a severe problem on trains and buses). Train posters prohibit passengers from carrying items that could be used in acts of vandalism (including screwdrivers and paint brushes) while signs on buses warn that drivers are equipped with DNA test kits to identify spitting passengers.

Close-up of the station pit rail safety warning sign. These signs are provided throughout the network, with a campaign being run in the southern suburbs to coincide with the opening of the new Mandurah line.

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