Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A win for passenger access?

A previous post studied the 888/889 bus terminus at Chelsea and concluded that it was poorly located for easy access from either the Nepean Highway shopping strip or the railway station. An alternative stop location that could reduce transfer times by 80 to 90 percent was suggested.

The photos below show the alternative site as it was yesterday. If they are indeed the beginnings of timetable totems for the proposed Green Orbital then wisdom will have prevailed and the best possible stop location will have been chosen. And then, it is hoped, passengers will be able to bid the current stop (which takes 4 red lights and 4 minutes to reach from 100 metres away) good riddance!


Anonymous said...

Very exciting development there!

One would hope the Thames Prom & Edithvale local route would also use that stop, and not continue to stop across Chelsea Road.

And I hope they are planning fto install some decent shelter too...

Anonymous said...

Yep. As for a shelter, I'm not a fan of shelters blocking half a footpath, but one's obviously needed.

I like the idea of a larger than usual waiting area (2 bench seats) covered by a timber verandah roof extending from the station building. The sides can be open and support poles can be close to the road.

Longer term that can become the same waiting area as Platform 2 of the station, with steps down (as well as the existing ramp). Hence transfer time from the nearest carriage could be down to 10 seconds :) Plus that fetid dark area near the ticket machine would go (not as bad as Edithvale's but still not inviting).

The architecture would be great, the utility would be great, but there'd be less scope for advertising compared to the standard Adshelter.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the Department of Transport are actually reading your blog. Either that, or it's a coincidence.