Sunday, October 11, 2009

Route 903 article in this month's Transit Australia

Those who read the post about Route 903, Melbourne's first orbital bus route, but want to know more are referred to this month's Transit Australia for a detailed article.

This month's issue contains Part 1, while Part 2 should appear in November. Transit Australia is available at a few of the better newsagents (try the one near Box Hill Station) or can be obtained by direct subscription. It is also received by the Department of Transport's library and possibly also the State Library.


msilsby said...

Just a reminder for anyone working in the transport industry, as this is an "industry publication" (as is railway digest, and other industry publications!), you can claim the subscription cost as a tax deduction.


Loose Shunter said...

Congratulations on getting into print. It's a good article and a good way to get some of your ideas out into a wider audience.