Monday, February 08, 2010

Two items about service planning

1. Transport revolution to get city moving foreshadows a plan to rethink road space to more efficiently move people and goods on existing roads. It could also be of interest if it applies a 'network thinking' approach to roads, as it may provide useful insights for public transport planning as well.

Until this latest document comes out, it might be worth looking at 2007's Guidelines for Network Operations Planning provided via the City of Stonnington website for some background.

2. Another good read is the TCRP Scheduling Manual. Produced for the US Transportation Research Board, the research for it was led by an Australian, Phillip Boyle. Phillip will be known to those who attended the recent Melbourne bus review workshops in some areas. If you're short of time, just read Chapter 3 for a good 'how to' introduction to scheduling.

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