Sunday, September 26, 2010

A new voice for Metro Trains

The changes are not simply a new voice; there are content alterations as well. 'Trains' are no longer 'trains' but 'services'. The reminder about ticketing has been extended to include Myki.

Voice timbre varies, with the male voice deep and resonant while the female voice is slightly thin and nasally. Enunication is also different and in this listener's mind the timing is less measured. For example the new speaker draws out the 'a' in Frankston but clips (or has clipped) the leading zeroes in departure times.

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Thomas Pagano said...

Here's a way to make everyone's lives better - put the time of the next train at the beginning of the announcement, rather than the end.

So say, "next train departing cheltenham platform 2 is..." oh, is that where I am right now?

"the 11:47 frankston..." fumbles for watch

"departing all stations from Cheltenham to Caulfield Station then Caulfield to Armadale, Armadale to South Yarra, South Yarra to Flinders via the City loop"... and Jebediah begat Judah and Judah begat Isaac...

"is the 11:47 frankston departing all stations from..." I have to listen to that all again?

"departing in ..." wait for it... wait...

"27 minutes" Groan!

Maybe try this instead- press button - "In 27 minutes, the next train bla bla"... Right, lets go get some snacks at the station cafe while we're waiting.