Friday, April 05, 2019

The armchair bus planner redesigns Hadfield's bus network (revisited)

Nearly eight years ago I mused on how one might improve the bus network in Hadfield, a middle-northern suburb of Melbourne.

Showing how a planner might approach a bus network review, it was one of readers'  favourite posts.

Best read with a printed Melways directory in hand, here it is again.

Would we do anything different in 2019?

The routes shown have not changed in their alignment and service level in the eight years since.

With one exception. Route 561 now extends to Pascoe Vale. So there's one more route to play with.

So you might be able to design a simpler network with one less route than exists now. That may give some scope for goodies such as increased frequency, better weekend service or longer operating  hours that we don't have now.

Have a go and let us know what you come up with in the comments below.

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Chris said...

Hadfield is where I grew up, and the bus roites haven't changed much from when I was a teenager in the 90s.

Coburg, Broady and the train lines were where I would have the main destinations then, and still would be now.

There's been one other change on the last 8 years - 534 now goes to Coburg instead of just to Merlynston station.

Luke M said...

I must say, as someone who lives within this area (Sussex Street), I thought I should say that I believe both of your options need work.

First of all, with the extensions of the 542 and 561 buses since the original post, I think a new potion should be done.

The changes that I feel should happen, are cosmetic, other than establishing one new Route.

Route 513 - Remain as is. Still provides a quite busy and direct service.

Route 527 (A option) - Remain as is. While not the most direct route, I think we still need to cover O'Hea Street at the current time.

Route 527 (B option) - Covert Route to Northland to Coburg only. New Bus Route needed to cover Gowrie to Turner Street section.

Route 534 (A option) - Redirect Route 534 to cover Sussex Street from Shorts Road to Bell Street, then Bell Street to Coburg.

Route 534 (B option) - Redirect Route 534 to cover Sussex Street from Shorts Road to O'Hea Street, then via O'Hea Street, Main Street, Bell Street to Coburg.

Route 536 - Redirect Route 536 to run direct via Hilton Street.

Route 537? - Glenroy to Broadmeadows via Glenroy Road, West Street, Hilton Street, May Street, Evell Street, Morley Street, Daley Street, Widford Street, Camp Road to Broadmeadows Station.

Route 561 - Redirect Route 561 to run along Gaffney Street from Pascoe Vale Station to Sydney Road. This service is more frequent and runs longer hours than 534 and would be more beneficial to the area.

Thoughts and ideas? Some road changes needed at Glenroy & West and Bell & Sydney.