Monday, April 15, 2019

Where is the all week frequent service? Melbourne's 7 day frequent network maps

The Melbourne online public transport frequent network map made public last Friday has been very popular. It's had nearly 2000 views in just a few days. And they can't all have been mine.

Viewer feedback has made it better. Tram and bus routes now have descriptions instead of just numbers. There are more footnotes. And major stations and destinations are marked. Though due to the 10 layer maximum I've had to combine these with the 40 minute frequency train service layer.

The map's main problem is that it showed weekday frequencies only. While weekend frequencies were given when selecting individual routes or corridors, you didn't get a network view of where frequent weekend service exists (unlike weekdays). That's important because many frequent weekday routes become infrequent on weekends. 

Below are frequent network maps for each day of the week. The Saturday map applies on all public holidays except Christmas Day and Good Friday. Use the Sunday map for those.

The top left icon lets you select between 10, 15 and 20 minute frequencies for each mode. Experiment with this if the maps don't look right or you wish to change the background. Top right gives a larger map on a new tab (recommended). And you can share the map as an email or via your favourite social media.

Melbourne public transport frequent network Monday - Friday (~7am - 7pm) 

Note: Peak frequencies are usually better or similar to interpeak frequencies. In a few cases they are not, eg counterpeak trains between Greensborough and Eltham with >40 min gaps. This is why the map shows the 20 minute service terminating at Greensborough.

Melbourne public transport frequent network Saturday (~11am - 6pm)

Melbourne public transport frequent network Sunday (~11am - 6pm)

Most recent update to maps: February 2022

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Travel at night? Here's were you can go after 10pm (also updated 2022).

Or want to see all the bus routes, not just the frequent ones? See PTV's local area maps instead.

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Jen said...

Peak frequencies on the Altona loop and Williamstown lines are an impossible to remember 22 minutes (so better off peak).