Thursday, March 22, 2007

Area bus reviews happening

Melbourne on Transit has long advocated regional route and service reviews to try to untangle the dogs' breakfast that passes for a bus system in Melbourne.

Bus reform is the cheapest and single most effective thing that could be done to improve public transport in Melbourne, particularly for the majority of residents whose closest transport service is a bus.

Hence it brings great pleasure that Metropolitan Bus Service Reviews have started.

The terms of reference are encouraging, including matters such as longer hours, more frequent services, new routes and better connections.

The first review area is the inner-west, covering suburbs such as Footscray, Sunshine, Williamstown, Altona and Laverton.

These sorts of comprehensive reviews doesn't happen very often. Participation is a good idea if you want better buses that run where and when you wish to travel.

Public submissions close on April 5.


Anonymous said...

Hurrah!! Now perhaps I can get a 432 or 471 after 6:55PM

Anonymous said...

The bus service reviews is definitely a positive sign and one that is long overdue. If done properly these reviews would ensure a direct, frequent and readily available bus network for the two thirds of Melbourne that currently resides beyond the tram and train network.


Unknown said...

Having made a submission, hopefully DOI supports my proposals. They're not all that far-fetched, apart from my three new trunk routes from the CBD to Sunshine, Essendon North and Keilor East and subsequent alterations to existing routes... ;)

Peter Parker said...

Spent all last night writing mine and completed it just before 7am.

Emailed it off only to find the deadline has been extended to 20 April!

So if you thought you've missed the deadline, there's now a couple more weeks.