Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bus review workshops held

Meetings for the first metropolitan area bus review were held last week. The review covered local bus services in the Hobsons Bay, Moonee Valley and Maribyrnong municipalities.

Most attendees were from local government, community, and industry groups, though others who had put in submissions were also there.

After a presentation on why route and service reviews were necessary and the process being taken, the meeting broke into groups to consider a map of the proposed alterations. The usual workshop props of table facilitator, butchers paper, coloured pens and Post-it notes were used. At the end groups reported their findings to the whole meeting.

Below is a summary of the proposed changes:

* Minimum hours/frequencies for most local routes (currently being
* Better co-ordination with other buses and trains
* Changes to route 223 to operate via VUT Footscray.
* Extension of Route 407 to cover new residential areas near Highpoint and parts of Yarraville.
* Removal of a deviation from Route 411/412.
* Renumbering of the Churchill Ave deviation of 410 to a new route
* Abolition of Route 409 and its replacement by altered 407 and 414 routes.
* Extension of 415 in Williamstown and consideration of a deviation in
Altona to serve a retirement home.
* An overhaul of services in the Newport/Yarraville area with local services running between Yarraville, Altona Gate and Newport and an end to different route numbers on Saturday in some areas.
* Co-ordination between 467 and 468 to provide better access to Highpoint.
* A slower timetable for 200-series routes in the Footscray area to improve timetable adherance (lateness being due to traffic congestion)

The next review will cover Hume/Moreland for which public submissions are currently being sought (deadline Friday 22 June 2007).


Andrew said...

Much as I complain about trams, they are very punctual compared to the 216/9/20. On time from Footscray may mean they are on time in the city and the southern side.

Anonymous said...


The bus area reviews certainly have a lot of potential in finally improving service standards and coordination for bus services.

While there certainly appears to be some positive outcomes it does unfortunately seem that the steps taken are evolutionary rather than revolutionary.

The basic premise of Melbourne's bus services need to be overhauled to ensure frequent and direct services along our main roads with localised services filling any gaps.

While we continue to take small steps forward the bulk of Melbourne's bus services will unfortunately still include wasteful duplication and confusing routes.

Alex Makin