Saturday, January 12, 2008

Buses replacing Trams: Swanston Street

Buses are replacing the tram service on part of Swanston Street, Melbourne's busiest tram thoroughfare. Approximately half of Melbourne's tram routes are in some way affected by this weekend's occupation, which is due to trackworks.

The co-operation of hundreds of people, whether in construction, service delivery and information, is requires to make this large project a success. Below are some pictures of the day's work.

The information

The service

The works


Andrew said...

It is a big undertaking. Interestingly, it continues on Monday when many people are back to work and things start to return to normal after the NY break.

Anonymous said...

Those trackworks really disrupted my schedule. I certainly hope they're worth it.

Anonymous said...

When did they start laying concrete sleepers under the road? I thought it was all still tie bar work.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mate,

I am a bus driver and i was working the day of the Swanston St track works.. those 2 pics of the ventura bus in the bus stop could very possilby be myself!!?

If its not too much to ask can u pleeeease email me a larger copy of the closer- up one so i can see if its me!? :) i'd love a pic of myself at work LOL!!

my email address is

Love the site mate ill be back reguarly thats for sure.

cheers, Pete.