Thursday, February 14, 2008

So much to read, so much to write, so little time

* Transport legislation review submissions are now viewable on the DOI website

* A must-read. Download the Transport Demand Information Atlas

* Route 901 SmartBus starting after Easter. View the timetable here.

* A heap more bus routes will be getting minimum standard services in the next few months as part of Stage 3 MOTC upgrades. Plus upgrades to Routes 551 and 561 will improve links between Latrobe Uni and local railway stations.

* Submission writing time: Four bus service reviews are now underway.

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塞米一條揚陸轟炸機 said...

I'd suggest better bus availability along High St. in Doncaster, by extending the service periods in non-peak hours (like 6am to 11pm) of either rt. 313 or 309 to and from Donvale via High St.?

Just new to be here and nice to meet u mate~~