Thursday, June 12, 2008

Doing the Bus Stop: how the class of '92 learned bus safety

Almost every child gets lessons in road safety at some point in their schooling. Students may learn through police visits, on-road demonstrations or educational videos.

One of the latter was recently bought in a Hobart junk shop for very little. Called 'Doing the Bus Stop', this 1992 VHS video features 'Hail the Bus Driver' set to catchy rap lyrics popular at the time.

It's cheesy, it's dated and some in it will groan when viewed now ('were we really like that?!'). However as well as the laughs it's got a serious side and is well-worth reviving on today's media. Total play time is about 15 minutes, with each part around three minutes.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6 (ending and credits)

(Apologies for the poor video reproduction - images photographed direct from TV screen with digital camera)

Note: Video (C) Vicroads 1992. Reproduced with permission.


Michael Angelico said...

That is SOOOOO 80s! :)

Pity the marketing mob can't tell a bus from a coach... although in the context of school buses I guess the distinction doesn't matter as much.

Anonymous said...

Is there a differnece between a bus and a coach?

I wish us rail fans had a word for a 'better class of train'

Anonymous said...

Riccado, I'm not gunzel enough to give the authoritive answer, though coaches seem to all have more thickly padded seats, carpet, luggage racks above and seatbelts. Probably also water and a toilet.

As for their use, coaches seem to be favoured for pre-booked 2hr+ intercity trips or tourists; buses for 'turn up, wait and go' local services.

But both are basically trucks for carrying people and I agree the distinction hardly matters.