Monday, August 30, 2010

A bumper crop of transport announcements

All long-standing projects about to come to fruition.

901 Yellow Orbital extended from September 26

A SmartBus service across the outer northern and eastern suburbs, including the first substantial standard fare service to Melbourne Airport.

Doncaster Area Rapid Transit starts October 4

Four new SmartBus routes for Manningham - Melbourne's only municipality without trains or trams.

New train timetable from October 10

Some extra peak trains on the northern group, but the big winner are users of the Frankston line. Weekday off-peak train frequency boosted from 15 to 10 minutes. Weekday evening frequency up from 30 to 20 minutes until after 10pm.


Unknown said...

Now just awaiting the announcement for the upcoming tram timetable.

Peter Parker said...

I believe there's also some V/Line changes.

Sydney's also getting a 10/10/10 train timetable with some service increases.