Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Selling frequency

Brochures intended for tram hand-holds selling the frequent lunchtime service now available on a city tram corridor.


Andrew said...

The theory might be five minutes, but we know it doesn't work like that.

Unknown said...

I seem to recall a similar program when the 48 tram was altered to travel along Collins Street.

gxh said...

With 3 tram routes in Collins St, plus route 31, the service at lunch time ought to be far more frequent than every 5 minutes (and the loading warrants this). In fact, it often is - but it is marred by bunching resulting in intervals of more than 5 minutes. In the "old days" (before radios) there would often be an M&MTB "braid" at Spring St whose job it was to minimise "bunching" by holding up trams towards the end of a bunch for a minute or 2. The effect on the timetable was negligible and the quality of the service was much improved.