Tuesday, May 10, 2011

First weekday of new train timetable

Some of the sights from around the network, filmed yesterday.

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Mike said...

Great vid and very much enjoyed your look at the Werribee lines effects. This is my line. I now reside in Pt Cook but did spend 5yrs living in Altona from 2002 - 2007. In that time patronage exploded.

I am currently not a regular commuter now but have been in the past. I did recently take a peak-fringe train from Aircraft (1 further than Laverton) to Flinders St for a meeting and I was thrilled with the 26min travel time (excluding 5min sitting on the Spencer/Flinders viaduct which the driver apologised for). It was still a great run.

I know Altona residents are unhappy with the shuttle service being introduced ... but given the amount of trains that would bypass from Laverton to Newport to pick up time and the number of frequent peak cancellations I think it all can only be for the better.

I suppose they could have kept the Altona line running through all day and maintained the Williamstown - Newport shuttles but that's six or one half dozen of the other.

Overall the initial travel from Werribee, Altona and Williamstown to the CBD has improved. The loss of the loop is a pain in the a** and no one like interchanging, but Williamstown have been doing it for years and it is good to see them get a day service which has been long overdue.

Altona will get used to it (and they DO have a couple of peak services each way to and from Laverton - Souther Cross via Altona during the peaks).