Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Metlinking of a street: Koornang Rd, Carnegie

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Earthworks around NightRider stop.  I wouldn't be surprised if this stop will also be used by the proposed Wellington Rd SmartBus. (Dandenong Rd near Koornang Rd) NightRider stop.  If you thought you waited here for the service to Dandenong, you'd be wrong.  (Dandenong Rd near Koornang Rd)

A piece of history.  Route 620 ceased over 20 years ago.  (Koornang Rd near Dandenong Rd) A bus-length from the 620 sign, here is the new Metlink southbound stop for Carnegie Station. No timetables yet. A fine place for a bus stop.  Near the station, central to local shops, outside a Metcard outlet, across from the stop in the other direction and even comes with a seat. However it seems that car parking must take precedence. (Koornang Rd outside Newsagency) A space-efficient multi-route timetable showing times of Routes 623, 624 & 627 in a single timetable case. In contrast the stop opposite omits times for Route 624, even though it, like the other two routes, serves the same major trip generator.  The problem is caused by Metlink's fixation on individual route rather than network-level passenger information, even where services overlap. (Koornang Rd southbound near Neerim Rd) In theory this is a potential transfer point to Route 627 bus from the 67 tram terminus across the road.  In practice there is no timetable so few will use it for this purpose.  The destination is shown as East Brighton, even though only one in three weekday services extend this far. (Koornang Rd southbound opposite 67 tram terminus) Another possible transfer point to/from Route 67 tram. In this case the sign doesn't even have the green tram logo.  The stop's most prominently displayed destination is Elsternwick (better reached by the nearby tram) as opposed to more popular local destinations of Carnegie Station and Chadstone. (Koornang Rd northbound, south of 67 tram terminus) Sign in overlapping section of the infamous 'noodle route' 627. The lack of timetables or maps means it makes no sense at all, especially given that it shows distant or infrequently served termini rather than popular local destinations such as Carnegie and Oakleigh. (Koornang Rd) Met Rules OK! (Koornang Rd southbound near Lyons St) Route 67 tram terminus.  One wouldn't know this intersected with buses to Carnegie Station and Chadstone Shopping Centre. (Koornang Rd)

Photographs taken Saturday 12 August, 2006.


leccy said...

Gotta love that they relabel everything, but don't fix the routes.

The 627 buses always used to say 'Chadstone' when they left their outer terminus (which the driver then changed at Chadstone to East Brighton/Elsternwick) This meant that at stops on Koornang Road buses in both directions had the same destination sign and number.

Do they still do this?

Peter Parker said...

HDZ - I haven't looked closely. But the route number is certainly the same.

While you were posting that, I've added a whole heap of 'mouseover' comments - for some reason viewable in IE but not Firefox.

Ben said...

For some really confusing bus stop signs you should check out some in Grimshaw Street Greensborough. There is one bus route (the 566) which doubles back on itself for about 2km's, so on each sign along this stretch you have the same route listed twice with two different destinations. Really this shows inadequacies in both signage and network planning (two routes were merged a few years ago causing this anomaly).