Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Passenger information around the network

1. Is this bus service for dwarves, drunks or gutter dwellers?

2. The correct answer is no-one; the route was discontinued several months before the photo was taken.

3. A fine example of initiative.

Since replaced by a shiny new (but empty) Metlink timetable case.

4. What do you do if you need a bus to somewhere other than Chadstone?...

... You look around for some daggy but informative Met signs!

5. Improvements on the way. A new SmartBus passenger information module.

6. How it was done in the old days. An outstanding example of MMTB tram passenger information.

7. The way of the future? 'Best practice' passenger information is network or destination-specific. This compares to current Metlink practice, which is still too operator or route specific. This keeps passengers unaware of high-quality service combinations and results in lower patronage for a given service level.

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Daniel Bowen said...

Looks like what Southland needs is a "Buses to Cheltenham" sign!

Peter Parker said...

Yes and no; Highett and possibly Moorabbin may have equal claim to such a sign, especially when Sunday buses to these places start.

A composite TT 'Buses to Frankston Line' might be better, but not at the expense of other regional info such as a large map showing all routes.

It is much easier to provide multiroute information from a station to one trip generator than from one trip generator to multiple stations on one line.

But since you've got people into the maze of Southland, it is only decent that you also tell them how to get back!

Calembeena said...

Sorry this is really late but...
All of Oakleigh has been Metlinked!!
Except 701 bus stop by its own bus that I use mumble mumble.
I would say that the Metlink bus directional thing is even more useful than the old one apart from the numbering of bus bays that is nonexistent anywhere else.