Thursday, June 28, 2007

Run it and they will come

No less than 23 people boarded the westbound 5:15pm Route 623 bus at Chadstone last Sunday. Route 623 runs between Glen Waverley and St Kilda via Chadstone Shopping Centre. Last Sunday was the first day of the new Sunday service; previously it (like most routes) ran six days per week and finished just after 6pm.

This success indicates the real demand for Sunday bus travel, a fact only recognised very recently. Indeed with an equivalent service, a route like 623 is the sort that could end up carrying more passengers on weekends than it does during the week.


Daniel said...

And the 624, I see. Just my luck all this happened after I've moved out of Glenhuntly and Carnegie after living their for 10 years with no Sunday buses!

Peter Parker said...

Though you did have an 822 every 80 minutes ;)

Did you notice that the 624 has just been rerouted past your old street?

Daniel said...

No, I didn't notice that! That would have been very handy.

Daniel said...

Maybe at some stage they'll update the route description to include the change, as well as the Darling Road route. (The map has been updated.)

Andrew said...

Since I did not hear about the bus Sunday operation, it did not get much publicity, so your boarding figure is impressive. Trams are so close but just a bit far from Chadstone

Jarf said...

I'm impressed with the level of patronage that many "minimum standards" routes are getting.

My local 425 routinely gets 20 or so people on the first trip on Sunday by the time it reaches St Albans. Similarly, the 5:45pm and trip from St Albans also gets around 20 pax.

I've noticed, though, it's dropped off slightly over winter. Hopefully when spring comes it will pick up again. ;)