Sunday, March 30, 2008

Route 900 SmartBus - a video presentation

Here is a recording made during a trip on SmartBus Route 900 to Rowville earlier this afternoon. Stop facilities, information, interchanges and patronage are some of the topics mentioned.

For non-Melbourne readers, Route 900 is an east-west bus route through Melbourne's south-eastern suburbs. It runs every 15 minutes weekdays and every 30 minutes evenings/weekends between Caulfield Railway Station and Stud Park Shopping Centre in Rowville. Major trip generators served include Chadstone Shopping Centre, Oakleigh Station and Monash Univesity campuses at Caulfield and Clayton.

Route 900 patronage is high between Caulfield, Chadstone, Oakleigh and Monash Univesity. It is lower east of Monash University. However it provides a useful service to eastern areas and links with all other current SmartBus routes (700, 703, 888/9 & 901).


Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Peter.

Unknown said...

agree - great stuff indeed!

Anonymous said...

Excellent work, Peter.

Incidentally, I cordially invite you to my blog which is transport orientated. Alternatively, view my post on the sir Rod Eddington report which I hope will interest you.

Ben said...

Great set of videos. I was nearly expecting you to say "Peter Parker reporting, Rowe...ville" at the end.

Is that an expired ticket you are validating in the "typical suburban station" video?

Peter Parker said...


I'd be inclined to leave out the 'reporting from' bit, a la a certain Canberra TV political journo.

That 'expired ticket' beeping does detract from the video. But as it was the fourth (and least worst) filming I let it stand.

The ticket used was a current weekly. However it had been validated 10 min previously (for filming 3), so I think that confused things.